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*NOTE: Not all benefits are available in all states. Arona Plus member benefits are NOT insurance and they are NOT a substitute for insurance. Please see official membership materials for limitations, restrictions, and exclusions.

What Do Arona Plus Members Have Access To?

Exclusive Offers & Member Rebates

Exclusive Offers &
Member Rebates

Exclusive Offers & Member Rebates

  • Arona Plus members are essentially VIPs - they get early access to new products and merchandise discounts before anyone else!
Protection Benefits

Protection Benefits*

Lease Protection Benefits*

  • Involuntary Unemployment Payment Waiver - Should you lose your job due to a qualified job loss and wish to continue leasing, this benefit may waive your lease payment(s) until you return to work or up to four months or when $1,000 has been waived, whichever occurs first.
  • Accident and Sickness Payment Waiver - Your lease payment(s) may be waived for up to four months or $1,000, whichever comes first, if you become ill or injured and can’t work due to a qualifying event.
  • Courtesy Waiver - This benefit may help your family through a difficult time by having your account balance waived in the event of the untimely passing of an eligible member listed on the agreement(s).
  • Rental Protection - This benefit may allow you to lease replacement merchandise with a discount ownership plan so you can continue to lease without starting over should you suffer damage or loss due to theft (with visible signs of forced entry), fire, flood, windstorm or lightning.
  • Paid-Out Product Service Protection (Not available in Puerto Rico) - Receive service on your paid-out merchandise for up to one year after ownership if you maintain membership in Arona Plus. Protection is provided against product failure and mechanical breakdown of the merchandise not caused by external conditions.

*These benefits are NOT INSURANCE or a SUBSTITUTE FOR INSURANCE. Please see Discount Membership Form for limitations, restrictions and exclusions.

Discount Health and Wellness Services

Discount Health
and Wellness Services**

Discount Health and Wellness Services**

  • 24/7 Telemedicine (Not available in WA) - Consult a medical provider by phone, app or webcam at no additional cost! Call anytime, day or night for medical advice. Prescriptions when medically necessary for common medications can be written.
  • Prescription Savings (Open Formulary) (Not available in WA) - Save 15% – 60% on most short term and acute care prescriptions such as antibiotics and pain killers at participating pharmacies and 30% – 70% off mail order retail prices.
  • Dental Discounts (Not available in RI and WA) - Save an average of 15% – 50% on dental needs by visiting one of the participating dentists.
  • Vision and Eyewear Savings (Not available in RI and WA) - Save 35% off normal retail prices on frames (complete pair) and 20% off lens add-ons. Participating providers include Pearle Vision, JCPenney Optical, LensCrafters and more.
  • Medical Concierge (Not available in WA) - Specially trained staff can assist with locating a provider, scheduling appointments and even the negotiation of medical costs.

**Discount Health and Wellness discounts are not insurance. Benefits vary by state.

Discounts and Deals

and Deals

Discounts and Deals

  • Discounts on Dining, Shopping, Professional Services and More! - Save with thousands of deals that offer 50% off at merchants nationwide.
  • Grocery Coupons (Not available in Puerto Rico) - Print and save at the grocery store with money-saving coupons just for members. Couponing is simple and easy on the members only website.
  • Roadside Assistance Savings (Not available in Puerto Rico) - When roadside service is needed, one call sends help at a discounted rate.
  • Vehicle Service Savings (Not available in Puerto Rico) - Save 5% – 15% by showing the membership card at participating Jiffy Lube, Meineke, AAMCO or MAACO service locations.
  • Rental Car Savings - Receive discounted rates when reserving a rental car at participating Avis, Hertz, National, Alamo and Budget locations.
  • Discounted Hotel Lodging through Choice Hotels - Save 15% off published rates when booking a Choice Hotel by phone or online using the discount code.

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Disclosures: The discount medical, health and drug benefits (The Plan) are NOT insurance, a health insurance policy, a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or a qualified health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. The Plan provides discounts for certain medical services, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs or medical equipment and supplies offered by providers who have agreed to participate in The Plan. The range of discounts for medical, pharmacy or ancillary services offered under The Plan will vary depending on the type of provider and products or services received. The Plan does not make and is prohibited from making member’s payments to providers for products or services received under The Plan. The Plan member is required and obligated to pay for all discounted prescription drugs, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, services and equipment received under The Plan, but will receive a discount on certain identified medical, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies from providers in The Plan. The Discount Medical Plan/Discount Plan Organization is Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc., 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1500, Dallas,TX 75244. Call 1-866-461-1222 or email for more information or visit for a list of providers. The Plan will make available before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers and the providers’ city, state and specialty, located in the member’s service area. Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. The fees for The Plan are specified in the membership agreement. The Plan includes a 30 day cancellation provision. Note to MA consumers: The Plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00.